Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You Grandma for Making "Super Why"

Tanner decided that he wanted to be Super Why a few weeks, and so we needed Grandma's help. Grandma whipped this super hero up and mailed it to us last week. Tanner absolutely loves it. However, he still is wondering why he can't fly..."I think I need some shoes like his mom" he said, "maybe then I'll be able to fly." Well, here are some of his attempts at flying. He practiced jumping off the couch to see what would happen. After a few disappointing attempts we had to talk about how sometimes we have to pretend. We got some good pictures though...he thought they made him look like he was flying. As for Garrett, we have yet been able to take his picture in the few seconds he leaves his costume on. Pluto will make an appearance soon I hope!

An Amazing Sight

After a morning surf Todd called to tell me that an orca whale had washed up on shore at one of the beaches we frequently go to. I loaded up the boys and we went down to Poipu to check things out. I couldn't believe it. Sure enough a beautiful "Shamu" as Tanner would say had washed up into the shallow waters of the small bay. By the time we got there the whale looked rough. We soon learned that she was very sick and most likely came to shore to die. We left when they were starting to clear to beach so that they could euthanize the whale. After this procedure they took the whale out of the water to an unknown place on Kauai to do an autopsy. Here are the pictures I took of this Amazing Sight.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Handsome Boys

Most Sunday mornings after getting the boys ready for church, I always think to myself -you should take their picture. However most mornings we running short on time and so I tell myself I'll do it after church-which never happens! Well, this morning I had to make time- they looked so cute. We miss you all, and are looking forward already to the holidays!