Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tanner's Growing Up!

Tanner started school in August. He is attending a Missionary Church school right by our house. Tanner goes every morning from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. I thought for sure he would not like going every day, but he is absolutely loving school. The teachers are so nice, and they really keep the kids busy. It has overall been great so far!!!! The picture of Tanner above is him on the first day of school! Tanner also started soccer this year. At the beginning of the season they had all the boys come up with a name for the team. Tanner thought of Lightning! Guess what, that is what they chose. Every day Tanner comes up to me and says really loud, "Who are we?" and I say "Lightning" and he says, "and what do we do?" and I say "strike!" Anyway, that is their little team chant, and he loves it. He is really improving. He loves his little team, and he love practices. However, he does not like the games. Every week on game day when we are on the way to the field he says, "Mom, the red guys aren't going to be there are they?" Tanner is referring to the other team. Anyway, he is still lacking that competitive drive. I tell Todd that unfortunately he gets that from me!!! Well, we are so proud of our Tanner. What a fun age! I just can't believe how big he is.

More Summer Fun at Lake Powell

We had a great time at Lake Powell. All of Todd's brothers were there. We also got to meet Baby Lucy for the first time. She is darling; we had so much fun with her. Thanks for a great trip!!!!

Summer Fun

We had a great summer trip to the mainland! Here are some fun pictures with the Wallace family! The kids pretty much played in my parents backyard the entire time. I really do think that it is one of thier favorite places on earth! We also went and stayed at a beach house with my family. We had a great visit with them. Here are some pictures of the boys, and their cousins- Kate and Hudson.